Carpet cleaning and selling your home

If you’re selling your home, you’re in good company: everyone else is too. Problem is that with all the competition, you need to do everything that will give your house

Derek Beyer May 9, 2013

Health benefits of a clean carpet

Carpeting is not just for looks, it’s important for your health as well. But you have to make a commitment to keep it clean. Air in an enclosed area is

Derek Beyer April 28, 2013

Cleaning carpet tiles

Carpet tiles, also known as carpet squares, are currently the most popular form of commercial carpeting. One of the biggest appeals of carpet tiles is that when one (or a

Derek Beyer April 18, 2013

Carpet cleaning in restaurants

Carpet cleaning in restaurants is different from other types of commercial carpet cleaning. The most salient quality about carpets in restaurants is that they get the most traffic of just

Derek Beyer April 14, 2013

The Various carpet cleaning methods

Carpet cleaning is not something you hear about in the news all the time, so when it comes time to get your carpet cleaned, most people don’t know enough about

Derek Beyer March 31, 2013

Carpet cleaning myths Part II

Here is a continuation of the first in the series Carpet Cleaning Myths. Carpet cleaning machines are tough on carpet so you should have your carpet cleaned as least often

Derek Beyer March 25, 2013

Myths about carpet cleaning

You know when to wash most things because you can see how dirty they are. Carpets are a little different in that there are many things that come into play

Derek Beyer March 18, 2013

How to find a good carpet cleaning company

There are tons of guys out there who call themselves carpet cleaners. But for better or for worse, the bar to entering the business is pretty low which means just

Derek Beyer March 13, 2013

Pet odors and your carpet

We all love our pets, but for people with carpeting in their homes, pet odors raise special problems. The best way to avoid pet odor problems is, of course, to

Derek Beyer March 10, 2013