Commercial Carpet Cleaning

To a certain extent, carpet is carpet, but there are significant differences between residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning. Carpets in businesses undergo stress much more than residential carpets, and thus run the risk of wearing out. Fortunately, there are steps you can take that will increase your commercial carpet’s lifespan:

  • Maintenance. It is true that commercial carpets are made to withstand more punishment, but the demands on maintenance are also greater. For instance it is more important for commercial carpets to be vacuumed every day and not just for looks. Not taking this vital step will cause dirt particles to be driven further into the pile and destroy the carpet. Additionally, you should use a commercial vacuum cleaner because they are typically more durably made and can thus handle the heavier soil loads associated with a commercial environment.
  • Regularly Scheduled Professional Cleaning. For the same reason you have to vacuum your carpet, you also must have it cleaned. Many people neglect this because today’s commercial carpets are manufactured to hide stains and dirt, which leads the owner to believe it does not need cleaning. Dirt, oils from asphalt, food spills, and the like, are hostile to the synthetic compounds that carpets are made of. Having your carpet regularly cleaned means those substances will not have time to degrade your carpet over the long term.
  • Chair Mats. Office chair rollers are perhaps the worst thing for a carpet because they grind the dirt down far more than regular foot-traffic.

These steps are not difficult, but they are important, and are practical investments to extend the life of your facility’s carpet. Remember that replacing a carpet will cost you tens of thousands of dollars or more in the long term, even for a medium-sized office. A modest effort at maintenance will pay for itself tenfold.