Health benefits of a clean carpet

Carpeting is not just for looks, it’s important for your health as well. But you have to make a commitment to keep it clean.

Air in an enclosed area is dirtier than outdoor air as a rule and this means that keeping that air ventilated is important. Naturally air filters will do a lot of the work, but carpets are filters of a sort. Many things like pollen and dust settle onto the floor eventually. Keeping carpeted areas vacuumed daily or at least weekly will do much of the job. But eventually that dust and other allergens will accumulate and it will be necessary to have the carpet cleaned.

In fact, having your carpet cleaned regularly is of great value for your health. How often will depend on what kind of carpet and how it is used. Commercial carpet will need to be cleaned regularly, as often as once a month in cases of businesses like restaurants. Other businesses can get away with quarterly, and sometimes every 6 months, but more than that will not be adequate.

Residential carpets will not need a cleaning as often as a business, but if you get a lot of traffic, or if there are any people in the house that are prone to allergies, you might consider once every six months. Otherwise once a year should do the job.

Written by, Derek Beyer.