Spot Removal Tips

All carpets get spills and stains at some point. The problem is particularly important for commercial carpets because they need to be kept clean, if only for the sake of your customers. But keeping stains out of your carpet is also essential for keeping your carpet “looking young.” It’s true that office and business carpets are manufactured to repel stains, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take other precautions. Here are a few tips for spills and stains on your carpet:

  • The most important thing you should do is get the stain up as soon as possible. As soon as you see a spill, make sure you can soak as much of it as you can. Never rub where the spill is. It will only make it soak more deeply into the carpet. Rinse the towel and dampen it with water. Gently dab the spill area to soak up as much of the liquid as possible.
  • If your office carpet is attached to a garage or your parking lot is paved with asphalt, then oils will pose a problem. In this case, you will need some spot remover. First dab as much of the oil up as possible. Then pour a small amount of warm water onto the oil spill. After that spray on the spot remover and allow it to loosen the oil. Take a wash cloth and lightly scrub in a circular motion to loosen it more. Soak up the water and spot remover, then call your cleaning professional.
  • Some stains should not have water applied at all. For instance, if you have spilled toner in your carpet, never apply water. In fact avoid touching it at all, as toner is very finely ground and can be nearly impossible to get out once it’s there. The best course of action is to vacuum the area with a professional vacuum cleaner.

You should note that some stains will require a professional. Cigarette burns, ballpoint pen ink and the like have no remedies that a non-professional can apply. When in doubt, call a professional.