Myths about carpet cleaning

You know when to wash most things because you can see how dirty they are. Carpets are a little different in that there are many things that come into play when thinking about having your carpet cleaned. Here is a list of myths that abound about carpet cleaning:

  1. I should only get my carpet cleaned when it looks dirty. You should in fact have your carpet cleaned regularly whether it looks dirty or not. Not having a cleaning means that dirt you can’t see will abrade the fibers, and wear on them. Typically in your home, a once a year carpet cleaning will suffice, depending on use.
  2. Steam cleaning methods are universally better than dry cleaning methods. Most people think this because steam cleaning is the first thing that comes to mind when they think of carpet cleaning. In reality there are a number of methods that use very little water.
  3. After you have your carpet cleaned, it will get dirty quicker. Generally untrue, with this proviso: if your carpet cleaner used too much detergent, it can leave a film on your carpet. This film however rarely ever attracts dirt to the degree that you can see it.
  4. All carpet cleaners are the same. This is the worst myth of all. Many carpet cleaners have in some cases invested decades of their lives in mastering their techniques. Sure, there are johnny-come-latelys, but  will charge bottom dollar and do a bottom dollar job. Beware the cheapest price.

There are really a lot more myths about carpet cleaning than we can handle right now. We will continue this subject in another installment.

Written by, Derek Beyer.