Carpet cleaning in restaurants

Carpet cleaning in restaurants is different from other types of commercial carpet cleaning. The most salient quality about carpets in restaurants is that they get the most traffic of just about any type of business.  Combine that with the fact that you are dealing with food and beverages which stain easily. Finally, add in the fact that many of the stains are oil and grease based, and you have a perfect storm for a carpet that gets dirty fast.

We have found that water based cleaning methods are not so effective for restaurants, simply because the greasy character of the soiling. The hot water just doesn’t cut it. With a low moisture method, we can customize the cleaning with special grease cutting pre-treatments and cleansing solutions that are great to work with. These solutions also kill bacteria that make the carpet stink.

Ways to prevent dirty carpets are using mats in high traffic areas, especially where servers come out of the kitchen area. And of course, daily vacuuming is essential. It won’t pull up the grease, but it will keep the dirt from creating a mess that can damage the carpet fibers permanently.

Keeping your restaurant carpet clean is not only necessary for the good of the carpet, but it helps client retention.

Written by, Derek Beyer.