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No matter how well you take care of your carpet, eventually, it will need cleaning.  It’s tempting to put it off because carpets get dirty at a slow rate, but one day you will realize that it needs to be treated by a professional.

The best and most obvious reason you will want to have your facility’s carpet cleaned is because it will simply look nicer. It makes for a more comfortable workplace and of course, leaves a good impression on your potential clients. First impressions can make the difference between someone coming back, and staying away. Additionally, a clean carpet in your business is better for all-around employee satisfaction, which means better productivity.

Cleaning your carpet isn’t always just for making it look nice or smell better. Having the carpet in your business cleaned regularly will help it last longer, as well. Did you know that dirt can work its way into the carpet pile and become embedded between the fibers of your carpet? If this happens, the dirt will begin to abrade and break the individual fibers, which may mean you will have to have it replaced sooner.

Finally, a clean carpet is better for the health of those who walk it. Carpets are often the largest air filters in a facility, so they can trap airborne allergens.

When it comes to having your carpet cleaned, it’s important that you hire someone with professional experience and skill. When you choose Beyer’s Carpet Care, you can be assured that the owner is on EVERY job. We are solely owner-operated. This way, you know who is in your facility at all times. In business since 1993, Derek has had excellent industry-driven training and ample experience. We specialize in commercial carpet cleaning.

Call Derek to schedule your Free Quote. This way you can see exactly what we can provide for you, with no obligation. We simply want the opportunity for you to be thrilled at seeing how clean your carpet will look.

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