Carpet cleaning myths Part II

Here is a continuation of the first in the series Carpet Cleaning Myths.

  • Carpet cleaning machines are tough on carpet so you should have your carpet cleaned as least often as possible. It’s difficult to see where this one got started. We will be honest and admit that carpet cleaning machines can look exotic and powerful, and this is perhaps how people came to this incorrect conclusion. The reality is that a regular carpet cleaning will only help your carpet.
  • Having my carpet cleaned will remove it’s stain resistance. It is partially true that having the carpet cleaned will at least wear away some of the stain resistance, but this will be true after regular usage. Additionally, stain resistors are only stopgap measures for the periods between when you have your carpet cleaned. They are not supposed to be a permanent answer to soiling. Finally, carpet cleaners can apply a stain resistant treatment to your carpet after it has been properly cleaned.
  • All carpet cleaners are about the same quality. That may be true for lawn cutters or similar occupations, but with carpet cleaners there is a wide spectrum of experience and capability. That is not to say that the more expensive the better the carpet cleaning, but that it simply is not as easy as it looks.
  • Carpet cleaning machines you rent at the grocery store are just as good as professional carpet cleaners. This is similar to the previous point. The machines can be similar — hot water extraction. But those rental machines do not have the power to get the job done. And when you consider how important the pre-vacuum treatment is — and how important it is to use a professional calibre vacuum cleaner — you will realize that while you can save a few bucks on a cheap rental, you will not be doing yourself or your carpet any favors.

Written by, Derek Beyer.