Berber carpets and their application

Berber carpets are possibly the oldest variety of carpet on earth, going back thousands of years. Their main feature is a loop pile, which is simply a continuous loop of material. Berber carpets come in a variety of materials, including nylon and olefin. They are considered the most durable of carpets, and thus are favored in office buildings, schools, and other places in which durability is a top priority. Their durability derives from the looping which is more robust than, say, cut pile shag carpets which are prone to premature wear from foot traffic and furniture.

Another plus of Berber carpet is that it hides dirt very well, because it is often speckled. Because the pile is not thick, they do not trap allergens as easily. Finally Berber carpets are reasonably priced. Put all these things together and you have a great choice for a carpet, residential or otherwise.

Care of Berber carpets is relatively straightforward. If the carpet gets stained make sure that the stain is soaked up as soon as possible. Fortunately the construction of Berbers makes that easy. Making sure that your Berber is vacuumed regularly is another way to get the most out of it. Because Berbers do not show dirt as easily, it is easy to fall into the habit of putting vacuuming off. Your vacuum should not be the agitating variety, either. The agitating brush can damage the loop over the long term. Finally, as always, have your Berber professionally cleaned regularly. More often for commercial Berbers and once a year for residential Berbers.

Written by, Derek Beyer.