When is the best time of year to have my carpets cleaned?

Many people wonder if one time of year is better than another to have their carpet cleaned. The answer to that question varies a little. It’s not just a matter of “when it looks dirty” because that is not always the only indicator. Additionally, you need to have the carpet cleaned on a schedule and not just when you feel like it.

That said, a good rule of thumb is that you should have the carpets cleaned in your home after the “dirty season” is over where you live. If you live in a Northern climate and there has been a Spring snow thaw that has led to a lot of mud being tracked in, then the end of Spring is the best time. Similarly, if you live in a place with rainy Summers, the Autumn might be the best time.

Autumn is also very a very popular time of year to get the carpets cleaned because the children are back in school and there is more free time to schedule an appointment. It also allows for the maximum amount of dry time.

As it turns out, few people have their carpets cleaned in their home during the Winter. During those months carpet cleaners are often more occupied with focusing their attention on water damage from frozen pipes.




Written by, Derek Beyer.