Eco friendly ways to keep your carpet clean

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, the detergents used can be very strong. In the right hands you should have no health concerns. But many household cleaners can be dangerous as well if improperly applied, which is far too often. So here are a few “eco-friendly” ways to keep the carpet fresh between professional cleanings.

Stains are probably the most common problem, but the tactic you use will be different from stain to stain. For instance, if you have grease on your carpet, corn starch is very helpful for soaking it up.

If you have an old carpet, keeping it looking good can be a challenge. One way to rise to the occasion is to sweep the carpet well, enough to raise the fibers when they lay flat. Mix one part borax with two parts corn meal and sprinkle in. Vacuum and you will be surprised at how much more life your carpet has.

A very simple but not often considered option is having everyone in the house take off their shoes before coming in. It not only keeps the dirt out, but keeps loads of other things like oil from asphalt, pesticides from the grass and many other contaminants at bay. Walking barefoot is not recommended however, as oil in the skin can work its way into the carpet as well. Slippers or at least socks are best.


Written by, Derek Beyer.