Things to think about if you are buying commercial carpet

Carpeting is a long term decision for anyone, but it’s particularly important if you own a business, because that carpet is going to create a first impression on your customers. Not having the right carpet could mean fewer return customers.

The first consideration is how much foot traffic the carpet is going to get. But just as important is where they will be walking and what about the high traffic areas.  Restaurants get lots of traffic around the front door and in and out of the kitchen. Some businesses like department stores do not even carpet the high traffic areas.

Next you need to know what it will cost to replace the carpet when it wears out. Commercial carpet usually gets a lot more use and replacement cost is not trivial. Often people go with carpet tiles because you only need to replace the tiles as they wear out. They can be a good choice but they are not necessarily the prettiest.

Then you need to decide on the color of the carpet. Make sure it goes with the rest of the decor, and also what kind of mood you are trying to set. You might not want something too bright for a physician’s office for example.

Last but not least you will need to consider how much you have to spend. It’s best to not skimp here, but we realize you’re not made of money. Not every carpet is high quality, but you can be certain that if the carpet is cheap, it will not last.


Written by, Derek Beyer.